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Fondation de FranceParc de la Villette


The Fondation de France

In consideration of the difficulties faced by many young artists at the start of their professional careers, the Fondation de France has joined with several cultural institutions known for their excellence in various artistic fields to support specific projects brought to their attention and to help create new works. Working closely with the Parc de la Villette since 1998, it has supported the creation and the consolidation of the Artists’Initiatives in Urban Dance programme.

The Caisse des Dépôts

This patron of young artistic creation in urban dance associated itself with the Artists’ Initiatives in Urban Dance programme because their objectives correspond with our desire to support the emergence of young companies in this area; the professional nature of this resource makes it a veritable resource field for any national company.The Caisse des dépôts has been patronising creation in urban dance for over 10 years now. It supports more than 500 projects, and the programme adds a creative dimension to their urban solidarity work.

The Agence Nationale pour la cohésion sociale et l’égalité des chances(Acsé)

The Agence Nationale pour la cohésion sociale et l’égalité des chances (Acsé) supports cultural projects that focus on the creation and self-expression of young working class artists. This is how Acsé came to support the Artists’ Initiatives in Urban Dance project, hich helps train and support the young artists and hip-hop movement companies to become professional.

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