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[Outside Opinions]

From 2004, spurred on by financial assistance given by the Fonds Social Européen, IADU has set up training aimed at choreographers and dance company administrators. Since 2010, this training has been developed into a form of individualised and personalised monitoring focused on each choreographer included in the programme. According to their needs, each choreographer can call on an artist of their choice to give an outside opinion on their production during its creation. They have 2 to 4 days to work on the project according to the nature of the operation and this period may take place within the context of a residency period at the Halle aux cuirs or at the WIP Villette.

[Artistic and administrative advice]

IADU monitors young choreographers individually regarding both the achievement of an artistic project as well as mounting an administrative structure. The objective is to enable each artist to acquire all the knowledge and tools necessary for achieving an artistic project. Assistance is long term: choreographers are monitored from their first to fifth creations.